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About Billy G

In the Field of Duck Hunting, Billy Gianquinto (pronounced Billy John-Quinto) is known through the country as one of the best duck callers. Billy has been a waterfowler for 43 years and a professional duck caller for the past 35 years. He's been instrumental in teaching thousands of hunters the proper way to call.

Billy's audio cassettes, "Philosophy of a Master Duckcaller", "The Art of Calling Whistling Ducks", and "Mallard Music" are considered the finest of their kind.  His Whistling Duck tape is the only instructional tape on whistling ducks ever made. His mallard call is so effective it even impresses the best callers in the country.  You can not "tell the difference" between the call and the real thing. Billy's "pintail and widgeon" whistles get the best results and are considered the best anywhere in the world.  The reason is that they are very loud and have the ability to make many different sounds. Billy has also provided the 'duck hunter' a series of three (3) videos covering every aspect of duck hunting that includes techniques, blinds, shooting and shot, decoy theory, clothing and much more.  He has given over a thousand duck calling seminars from coast to coast.  Billy has also hunted in many different states getting a different prospectus on the different styles of hunting.

Co-hosts Billy G & Sheri LeGate of "Pull, a tour of America's Great Gun Clubs".For ten years, Billy has been the Co-Host of Charlie West's "Outdoor Gazette" on Fox Sports, "Backcountry" on ESPN, the award winning "Pull, A tour of America's Great Gun Clubs" as seen on the Outdoor Life Network, as well as "Ducks with Billy and Buck", also on the Outdoor Life Network.


Billy G while filming in Alaska.In addition to all this, Billy hosted the "Redwood Empire Outdoorsman" Radio Show on KSRO in Santa Rosa for many years which was also awarded the best radio outdoor broadcast show in California for 1998.

Billy is truly a diversified outdoorsman, wearing several different hats as a commercial salmon fisherman, fly fishing instructor, head football coach, teacher, author and as a Pac 10 basketball referee.

The most important aspect of Billy's accomplishments is his first love to teach and help others by watching them progress and implement his expert training and knowledge which allows the people to enjoy the outdoors to its maximum.



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