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Billy G Products

Billy has been teaching Duck Hunters all over the U.S. for 35 years. In some instances for 2 generations with different families.

Billy G ProductsHis methods on calling Mallards and Whistling ducks vary throughout the season depending on hunting pressure and mild weather days.  Billy will teach you a host of different sounds and change ups. These techniques work most of the time but not 100% of the time.

Billy has 2 CD's, "Mallard Music" and "The Art of Calling Whistling Ducks".  The latter CD is the only whistling duck tape ever made. Wait till you hear the different sounds, you will be amazed.

Billy's DVD, "BG Duck Calling Techniques", is an up close and personal seminar covering every aspect of Duck Calling from Mallards to Pintail, Widgeon, Teal Wood Duck, Bluebills and Canvasbacks. You will learn very fast by watching and listening to his methods.

To Order any or all of Billy's products, just call him at 707-526-6505 !


Whistles  |  DVD/CDs
Billy's Signature Mallard Call         $40.00
Made by Illinois River Calling Co. Whistle   

This Double Reed Call is very easy to blow.  I've used this call to win many calling competitions. I still use it very successfully today. You can't tell the difference from the real thing!

Billy's Famous Sprig Whistle Whistle     $25.00

Considered the best Pintail whistle ever made. This whistle has been modified so you can sound loud and soft with it. It can make over 60 sounds and imitate every pitch a Pintail makes. Once you hear this whistle, your eyes will get as big as silver dollars. The best ever !
Approx. 2 inches in length. Silver in color.

Billy's Widgeon and Teal Whistle Whistle     $15.00

This whistle is very loud for long distance calling and very soft for in close calling. It makes 2 different teal sounds that imitate the real thing. This whistle is also a terrific Widgeon call, making all the different Widgeon sounds including a flock sound. This whistle has also been modified. Approx. 1 1/2 inches in length. Silver in color.

"Duck Calling Techniques for Mallards and Whistling Ducks" DVD    $20.00

Click to see a larger view

This new DVD is for beginners and experts. If you watch and listen a couple of times you will be able to call. If you don't learn to call something is wrong. Call me and we will solve the problem together. It's not that hard. A must for the young waterfowler.
"The Art of Calling Whistling Ducks"  CD   $15.00
Wait until you hear the different Pintail sounds and sequences. Explains proper breath control for all duck whistles; Several different sequences for all whistles; Foggy, windy & clear day sequences; Volume on whistles explained; When & what to say at the proper time is fully discussed; The difference between uncallable & callable birds is explained; The different whistle sounds & when to use them; Covers Pintail, Widgeon, Teal & Wood ducks; Pond set up & decoy theory for whistlers is covered in depth; At the end of the CD each call is repeated over & over so you can practice.
"Mallard Music" CD   $15.00
Mallard Music covers & demonstrates every aspect of tongue & breath control; All the different calls used to attract Mallards are explained & demonstrated; Knowing when to call is fully laid out; Volume is extensively covered; The progressions of practicing is explained from beginner to expert; Practice techniques during off season are explained; All basic & advanced sequences during windy, foggy & clear days; The different change ups & variations of all the Mallard sounds are demonstrated; Change ups & variances can make the difference between advanced callers and the experts.
To order any of Billy's proven products call the number below or send him an email.



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