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Waterfowl Myths
  Myth #1 ~ Ducks on water call to ducks in air.

No, not, never. Ducks are attracted because of the color of your decoys, location, and random sounds that ducks make on the water.

Ducks in a pothole surrounded by tules don't summon ducks hundreds of yards away. The airborne ducks hear these random sounds but they're not communicating.

There are certain sounds, however, that are more inviting to ducks, and they will attract waterfowl to your blind. Get those sounds and you're in business. Expert instruction and field experience will help you learn these sounds.

  Myth #2 ~ Windless days are  worst to hunt

This depends on how many birds are in your areas. But calling is far and away more effective on windless, bluebird days.

In Pintail areas, give me a 75 degree day and every flock pair or single will respond to a Pintail whistle from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Remember, waterfowlers generally leave the hunting area by 9:30 a.m., so later on there's no calling or gun pressure.

  Myth #3 ~ You can call most birds

Some yes, most no. Save your breath.

You can tell which birds or flocks will respond to a call by watching the beat of their wings.

If they flutter erratically, you can call them. If they fly erratic, you can call them. But if they are flying high in formation and hell-bent for leather, drop the call.

Pick and choose the birds to call. Calling at every flock makes the ducks call shy, and your confidence will fade when they don't respond.

   Myth #4 ~ You need hen decoys in your spread.

Ducks are attracted to color...they can't distinquish one species of hen from another.

Birds will readily respond to colorful spreads because they can see them easier from greater distances.

If there is one technique that will have an immediate impact on your success rate, it's using all males in your decoy spread.

So get out the paint brush and paint your hens. Or better yet, use flat primer paints in a spray can.

     Myth #5 ~ Diving ducks in saltwater taste fishy

Wrong ! As soon as you retrieve a diver, immediately draw it, otherwise it will sour.

Then, diving ducks will taste every bit as good as, or better than, puddle ducks.

   Myth #6 ~ Expensive duck calls work better than cheaper 

Don't believe it !

If you know what, when, and how loud to blow, any duck call will work.

Most hunters waste their money switching calls every year. Instead, why not try to perfect your skills with the one call that's comfortable for you.

    Myth #7 ~ The Mallard call will attract all species of ducks.

Yes, up to a point. However, as the season progresses, the use of whistles for whistling birds is more effective.

Hunters don't use whistles because they don't understand what whistling birds want to hear. In fact, as mallards become mallard-call shy, they'll readily come to a pintail whistle later in the season.

Remember, also, that ducks will respond better to calling when there is very little gunning pressure in your area.


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